Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernadett Weinzierl

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Head of Research Group:
Aerosol Physics and Enivronmental Physics

Boltzmanngasse 5
Zi. 3138
1090 Wien
+43 1 4277 73412

Office hours: please make an appointment with the secretariat



 Research Interests

  • Airborne aerosol measurements
  • Aerosol long range transport and characterization of processes during the aerosol life cycle
  • Microphysical and optical properties of mineral dust, black carbon and volcanic ash
  • Effects of absorbing aerosols on the atmospheric radiation budget, clouds and atmospheric dynamics
  • Aerosol effects on the air transport system and emissions from air traffic

 Research Projects

  • A-LIFE (ERC Starting Grant - Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics)
  • A-CARE (ESA, Technical assistance for EarthCARE-related research activities in combination with the A-LIFE field experiment)
  • AerCare (Helmholtz)
  • ATom (NASA - Atmospheric Tomography Mission)
  • FIREX-AQ (NOAA/NASA - Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments Experiment - Air Quality)
  • SALTRACE (ESA, Saharan Aerosol Long-range Transport and Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction Experiment)
  • SAMUM (Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment)

 Organized Events