Report of the Summer School "Basic Aerosol Science" 2011


The school was attended by 20 participants coming from Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, and Austria. After successfully learning about  aerosol mechanics, optics, diffusion and filtration, electric mobility and measurement techniques, aerosol chemistry, on line measurements, bio particles, lung deposition and remote sensing, the last day was devoted to a field experiment at the mountain "Hohe Wand" near Vienna,  where the atmospheric extinction coefficient was determined by means of a visual comparator. After successful measurement on the mountain the certificates of attendance were handed over at a "Heurigen" at the small village of Möllersdorf near Baden. The two pictures show the students in a relaxed atmosphere (after two stressing weeks) at the Heurigen. The certificates are the green cardboards leaning to the wall behind the students.

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