Ongoing grants (coordinated by the Aerosol Group)

Project Goal Funding Source PI Period
PlasticSphere FWF Einzelprojekt/Weiss Wissenschaftsstiftung Bernadett Weinzierl 2023-2026
Black Carbon Filters Umweltbundesamt Bernadett Weinzierl 2023-2026
Annual Black Carbon Filters Umweltbundesamt Bernadett Weinzierl 2023
Poleno@Sonnblick ÖAW/KKL Bernadett Weinzierl 2022-2023

 Ongoing grants (partnership)

Project Goal Funding Source CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
AeroCloud-AT FFG Geosphere (Dr. Elke Ludwig)Bernadett Weinzierl 2023-2027
AEROMMA NOAABernadett Weinzierl 2023
CLOUD-ITN The CLOUD-DOC Marie Curie Doctoral Training Network is a multi-site network of 12 Ph.D. students at 12 partner institutions across Europe. The network investigates various aspects of the interactions of cosmic rays with aerosols and clouds, which bears on the possibility of a "solar indirect" contribution to climate change. Besides the individual research of the Ph.D. students at their hosting institutions, the major focus of the network will be sets of common experiments on ion-induced nucleation and ion-aerosol interaction carried out at CERN. These experiments are conducted at an aerosol chamber that is exposed to a CERN elementary particle beam where the effects of cosmic rays on aerosol and cloud formation can be efficiently simulated. (From CLOUD-DOC Homepage) EU MSCA doctoral training network Goethe University FrankfurtPaul Winkler 2022-2026
SABRE NASA/NOAABernadett Weinzierl 2022-2025
ACACIA Advancing the science for aviation and climate EU (H2020 Mobility for Growth, LC-MG-1-6-2019) DLRBernadett Weinzierl 2020-2024
VINAR Vienna Network for Atmospheric Research UNIVIE & ZAMG UNIVIE & ZAMGAndreas Stohl, Bernadett Weinzierl 2021-2024

 Grants completed since 2013

# Project Funding Source CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
1 ACCLIP NASA/NOAABernadett Weinzierl 2022
2 Analyse von EC und OC in Luftfiltern Umweltbundesamt UNIVIEJulia Burkart 2021-2022
3 D-TECT ERC Consolidator Grant 2016 National Observatory of AthensJosef Gasteiger, Bernadett Weinzierl 2017-2022
4 A-CARE ESA DLRBernadett Weinzierl 2019-2021
5 InDust EU (COST Action CA16202) Barcelona Supercomputing CenterBernadett Weinzierl 2017-2021
6 COLOSSAL EU (COST Action CA16109) CSIC BarcelonaJulia Burkart, Bernadett Weinzierl 2017-2021
7 A-LIFE ERC Starting Grant 2014 UNIVIE
Bernadett Weinzierl  
8 EC/OC Umweltbundesamt UNIVIEJulia Burkart 2020-2021
9 CLOUD-MOTION Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network Universität FrankfurtPaul Winkler 2017-2020
10 Charakterisierung von Pollen und deren Subpartikel im Labor und in Wiener Außenluft Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung der Stadt Wien UNIVIEJulia Burkart 2019-2020
11 Development of an atmospheric-pressure plasma-source (Characterization of a Non-Thermal Plasma Source for the Use as a Mass Spec Calibration Tool and Non-Radioactive Aerosol Charger) Entwicklung einer Atmospärendruckplasmaquelle FFG UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2018-2019
12 Nanodynamite (Quantifying aerosol nanoparticle dynamics by high time resolution) ERC Consolidator Grant UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2014-2019
13 Ice nucleation of carbonaceous particles FWF Einzelprojekt TU WienRegina Hitzenberger 2014-2018
14 VERTIGO (Volcanic ash: Field experimental and numerical investigations of processes during its lifecycle) Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network LMU MünchenBernadett Weinzierl 2014-2017
15 TOTALDETECTION (Detection of the total ambient aerosol number concentration and chemical composition) ACTRIS TNA UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2014
16 VACES (Versatile aerosol concentration enrichment system) Other UNIVIERegina Hitzenberger 2013-2014
17 Black and elemental carbon ÖAD UNIVIERegina Hitzenberger 2012-2013
18 Characterization of inorganic and bioorganic aerosol nanoparticles FWF Einzelprojekt UNIVIEWladyslaw Szymanski 2010-2015
19 A multi-channel expansion type condensation particle counter FWF Einzelprojekt UNIVIEPaul Wagner 2009-2014

 FWF Erwin Schrödinger Fellowships

# Project CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
1 Untersuchung von atmosphärisch gealtertem Meersalzaerosol UNIVIEBernadette Rosati2017-2020
2 Partikelbildung und -wachstum in der marinen Atmosphäre UNIVIEAgnieszka Straus (Kupc)2016-2019
3 Bestimmung der Aerosol-Zusammensetzung und Wachstumsraten UNIVIEDaniela Wimmer2016-2019
4 Analyse heterogener Nukleation an Cluster Ionen UNIVIEAnne Maisser2014-2016