List of PhD Theses

Open PhD Theses

Name Title Advisor

Currently no open PhD thesis topics

Ongoing PhD Theses

Name Title Advisor
Wolfgang Ludwig Effective Solar Flux Calculations for Limits of Life-Supporting Zones of Exoplanets Prof. R. Hitzenberger
Manuel Schöberl Coarse mode aerosol in biomass burning and mixed absorbing aerosol layers: characterization and impact Prof. B. Weinzierl
Eva Sommer Atmospheric ion and aerosol production in the CERN CLOUD chamber Prof. P. Winkler
Marilena Teri Light‐absorbing aerosol layers in the Eastern Mediterranean: characterization and assessment of their impact on the temperature structure and aerosol lifetime Prof. B. Weinzierl

Completed PhD Theses

Name Title Advisor completed
Peter Wlasits Investigating the Role of Chemical Similarities between Seed Particles and Vapors during Heterogeneous Nucleation Processes Prof. P. Winkler 2023
Maximilan Dollner Assessment of the global distribution of coarse-mode aerosol and clouds with large-scale in situ aircraft observations Prof. B. Weinzierl 2022
Theresa Haller Physikalische Basis von thermischen Russmessverfahren Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2021
Carmen Dameto de Espana Aktivierung von Wolkenkondensationskernen und ihre chemische Zusammensetzung Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2020
Sophia Brilke Sub-10 nm aerosol nanoparticle characterization: From mobility standards to ambient new particle formation Prof. P. Winkler 2020
Paulus Bauer In situ investigations of biogenic nanoparticle formation ultilizing small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) Prof. P. Winkler 2019
Christian Tauber On the charge, temperature and humidity dependence of heterogeneous nucleation of n-butanol vapor for improved nanoparticle detection Prof. P. Winkler 2019
Katharina Heimerl Characterizing North American biomass burning layers in the free troposphere with a single-particle soot photometer (Ph.D. completed at LMU Munich) Prof. B. Weinzierl 2018
Dominik Stolzenburg Development and Characterization of a DMA-Train for high time-resolution size-distribution measurements in the Sub-10nm range Prof. P. Winkler 2018
Adrian Walser On the Saharan air layer aerosol and its role as a rsservoir of cloud condensation nuclei (Ph.D. completed at LMU Munich) Prof. B. Weinzierl 2017
Tamara Pinterich Development of a Mobile Multi-Channel Size Analyzing Nuclei Counter (MCSANC) as reference instrument for aerosol and ion analysis Prof. P.E. Wagner 2015
Agnieszka Kupc Experimental study of nucleation in different vapors and its temperature dependence and the effect of particle properties on the response of condensation particle counters Prof. P.E. Wagner 2013
Julia Burkart Investigation of the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activation behaviour of atmospheric aerosol in Vienna Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2012
Nayla Sabbagh-Kupelwieser The role of sub-micrometer aerosol and its influencing factors in the assessment of actual air pollution burden Prof. W.W. Szymanski 2012
Anne Maißer Investigation and applications of nano-scale biological and inorganic aerosols using electro-hydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) and electrical mobility analysis Prof. W.W. Szymanski 2012
Ursula Schmitzer The physics of make-up Prof. H. Horvath 2011
Gerhard Steiner High resolution mobility spectrometry of molecular ions and their effect on the charging probabilities of airborne particles under bipolar diffusion charging conditions Prof. G. Reischl 2011
David Neubauer Modellierung des direkten und indirekten Strahlungseffekts eines Kontinentalen Hintergrundaerosols in Österreich Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2010
Jana Kainerstorfer Quantitative functional optical imaging of the human skin using multi-spectral imaging Prof. G. Reischl 2010
Christian Laschober Characterization of biopolymers with nano-aerosol techniques Prof. W.W. Szymanski 2007
Martin Gangl Optical properties of inhomogeneous particles Prof. H. Horvath 2006
Olga Jovanovic Gravitophorese stark absobierender Partikel für den stratosphärischen Druckbereich Prof. H. Horvath 2005
Hannes Sauerzopf Experimental arrangement for visualization of flows with a high speed video camera Prof. H. Horvath 2005
Thomas Wopelka Einflüsse moderner Technologien auf die partikelförmigen Emissionen von Kraftfahrzeugen Prof. G. Reischl 2005
Lucas Wind Experimental and theoretical assessment of multiple light scattering effect in aerosols Prof. W.W. Szymanski 2004
Paul Winkler Experimental study of condensation processes in systems of water and organic vapors employing an expansion chamber Prof. P.E. Wagner 2004
Sonja Seidl Optische Parameter des atmospärischen Aerosols Prof. H. Horvath 2001